Allen TX Swimming Pool Builders Maintenance and Repair

Allen TX swimming pool builders

Allen TX swimming pool builders
Allen TX swimming pool builders
Allen TX swimming pool builders

Allen TX swimming pool builders Having a swimming pool Allen TX swimming pool builders is a good thing when you do not want to go to any Allen TX best swimming pool builders spa for having the relaxation of your mind and body but to make things work proper you need to spend Allen TX swimming pool builders some money on the pool maintenance. No matter if you have a personal or a commercial pool you need to make sure that you will approach to the best swimming pool contractor who could take change of the water and structure maintenance of the pool.

Allen TX swimming pool builders

If you will not pay attention to the pool maintenance then it will be harmful for the swimmers, after some time the pool water need treatment and it is important to change it and put chlorine as well. If the pool service providers do not filter the water with different intervals or change it then it could be harmful for the swimmer to get into it. Most Allen TX swimming pool builders   of the time in community pools it is consider that the pool water should get changed and cleaned over the time to make sure that all the people will get the safe swimming experience every time.

Make pools clean and tidy Allen TX swimming pool builders 

The top trusted Allen TX best swimming pool builders provides you the best pool supplies and maintenance services that helps you to keep your personal or community pool clean and hygienic too. It not only makes it easier for a number of people to use the pool on regular basis but also let them to be a great swimmer athlete in life by growing up into the field. It is important for the kids to get the clean and tidy swimming pool as the chemicals could harm them badly and it will make for them difficult to have some fun swimming.

Suitable for every season Allen TX Best Swimming Pool Builder

If a pool is properly maintained and have the heaters and chillers in it that are working properly then the pool is suitable for swimming in every season. For the swimmers the core thing that matters is the quality of water. With the use of efficient saltwater chlorine generator, we can make sure that in saltwater the amount of chlorines, bromine, and other chemicals will remain balanced and normal too. It will be easy for the managers to strengthen the image of pool by explaining its qualities to the people and they could earn a lot of money from their commercial pool.

 Allen TX swimming pool builders and A Perfect Spa


If you have the new pool construction or the pool maintenance by the top swimming pool contractors then you can say it a spa for the swimmers. Allen TX best swimming pool builders  build  spas, people use to visit in order to get the peace of mind and relaxation of body. If you have a well-maintained commercial pool that is hygienic and healthy then your pool is the best spa for them. Swimming in fresh water with balanced minerals will make the swimmers feels relaxed and easy. On swimming session will take their tiredness and stress away and let them to be fresh like flowers.

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Swimming Pool Glossary ( a little something to help):

Glossary of Pool Terms

Abrasion Hazard: A surface that presents an unreasonable risk of irritation to the skin upon contact.

Accessible: 1. Easily and readily exposed for inspection and the replacement of materials and/or parts with the use of tools. 2. Methods providing access to persons with disabilities.

Allen TX swimming pool builders: A liquid or dry chemical used to lower the pH and/or alkalinity of pool or spa water.

Allen TX swimming pool builders Demand: A measure of the amount of Allen TX swimming pool builders required to lower the pH to a desired level.

Allen TX swimming pool builders Demand Test: Allen TX swimming pool builders of known strength is added in increments to a measured water sample to determine the amount of Allen TX swimming pool builders necessary to make an adjustment in a pool to achieve the desired pH.

Allen TX swimming pool buildersic: Having a pH below 7.0. Opposite of basic.

Allen TX swimming pool builders Wash: A procedure using an Allen TX swimming pool builders solution to clean an interior surface of a pool with subsequent neutralization of the Allen TX swimming pool builders.

Acrylic: A thermoplastic material that can be extruded, injection molded, or vacuum formed into usable shapes and surfaces.

Action Pool: A wave pool in which standing waves are generated in an assortment of patterns.

Activated Carbon: A charcoal-like material used to remove colors, odors, and/or excess oxidizer from water.

Activity Pool: Any pool designed primarily for play activity that uses constructed features and devices including lily padwalks, flotation devices, small slide features and similar attractions.

Admixture: A material (other than aggregate, cement, or water) added in small quantities to concrete to produce some desired change in properties.

Adult Supervision: A situation whereby a child at rest or play is within the constant sight and hearing of an adult charged with safeguarding the child. Such supervision must be of a nature that is uninterrupted without absences, voids, or distractions that separate adult from child by distance, obstacles, or any hindrance to sight and sound communication.


Aggregate: Marble dust, sand, rocks, pebbles, colored quartz, dolomite, and other similar materials used as components of concrete or plaster.

Aggressive Water: Water that is corrosive because it is low in pH, and/or calcium hardness, and/or alkalinity.

Air Blower: A device that produces a continuous flow of air.

Air Channel: A system whereby a volume of air is introduced into hollow ducting built into a spa floor, bench or other location. The air channel is activated by a separate air Allen TX swimming pool builders unit (blower).

Air Control: A means for spas and hot tubs to regulate air flow in the air induction system, increasing or decreasing hydrotherapy action.

Air Entrainment: Process in which minute air bubbles, ranging in size from 0.01 inches to 0.001 inches are mixed in a concrete mortar mix. Improves workability and frost resistance of the mix.

Air Induction System: A system whereby a volume of air is introduced into hollow ducting built into a spa floor, bench, or hydrotherapy jets.

Air Switch System: An isolated device that utilizes a pulse of air sent down a tube to remotely operate electrical equipment.

Algae: Microscopic plant-like organisms that contain chlorophyll.

Algicide: Any chemical or material that kills algae.

Algistatic: Able to inhibit the growth of algae.

Alkali: A term applied to bases, usually carbonates, bicarbonates, and hydroxides, that raise the pH and alkalinity when added to water.

Alkaline: Having a pH above 7.0. Alkalinity: See TOTAL ALKALINITY. Alkalinity Factor (AF): Used to calculate

the saturation index of water.

Alum (Aluminum Sulfate) (Al2SO4)3): A compound used to cause suspended solids in the water to form filterable masses (flocculate).


Alternative Method: A substitute way of achieving the same goal or purpose.

Ammonia (NH3): A chemical compound of hydrogen and nitrogen that combines with free chlorine in pools to form chloramines or combined chlorine. It also combines with free bromine to form bromamines.

Amperage: The strength of a current of electricity expressed in amperes.

Ampere (Amp): A unit of electrical current that is equivalent to a flow of one coulomb per second or to the steady current produced by one volt applied across a resistance of one ohm. It also applies to the strength of a current of electricity expressed in amperes.

Amphoteric: Having the ability to serve as either an Allen TX swimming pool builders or a base.

Analog Meter: A testing device in which a needle is used to indicate readings on the dial face.

Ancillary Facility: Area used in conjunction with, or the operation of, a pool such as public dressing, locker, shower, or bathroom area, equipment room, pool deck area or building space intended to be used by pool users.


Anti-Vortex Cover: An outlet cover designed to prevent air entrainment from the surface of the water. This term is no longer used to describe LISTED SUCTION OUTLET COVER/ GRATE.

Approved Safety Outlet Cover: See LISTED SUCTION OUTLET COVER/ GRATE.

Aquatic Recreation Facility: A facility that is designed for free-form aquatic play and recreation. The facilities may include, but are not limited to, wave or surf action pools, leisure rivers, sand bottom pools, vortex pools, activity pools, inner tube rides and body slides, and interactive play attractions.

Available Chlorine: A rating of a chemical’s total chlorine content based on a comparison to elemental (gaseous) chlorine having 100% available chlorine.

Backboard: Device for immobilizing a person with a suspected injury to the spinal column.

Back Pressure: Resistance to flow, normally expressed in pounds per square inch (kilograms per square centimeter).

Backwash: The process of cleansing the filter medium and/or elements by the reverse flow of water through the filter.

Backwash Cycle: The time required to backwash the filter medium and/or elements and to remove debris in the filter vessel.

Backwash Rate: The rate of water flow through the filter media per unit of area (U.S. gallons/minute/square feet) of effective filter area.

Bacteria: Single-celled microorganisms of various forms, some of which cause infections or disease.

Bactericide: Any chemical or material that kills bacteria.

Balance: In pools and spas, used to refer to a condition of the water that is neither scaling nor corrosive.

Ball Valve: A device that can partially or totally obstruct the flow of water, using a ball-shaped diverter.

Barrier: A means to limit, delay, or restrict access to a pool, spa, or hot tub.

Base: A chemical used to raise pH and/or total alkalinity of pool or spa water.

Base Demand: A measure of the amount of alkaline material required to raise pH to a predetermined level. This can be accomplished by use of a base demand test, whereby a standard base is added by drop to the pH test solution until the desired pH is reached.

Basic: Having a pH above 7.0. Opposite of Allen TX swimming pool buildersic.

Bather: Any person using a pool, spa, or hot tub and adjoining deck area for the purpose of water sports, recreation, therapy or related activities.

Bather Load: The number of persons in the pool/spa water at any given moment or during any stated period of time.

BCDMH (Bromo Chloro-Dimethyl Hydantoin) Products: Sanitizer product that is used to generate available bromine.Contains available bromine and available chlorine.

Bench (Underwater): See SEAT.

Bentonite: Highly absorptive and compressible clay material tamped into place to restrict water seepage or suspended in water slurry to keep earth from falling into an excavation.

Biofilm: A community of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, or fungi that are encased in a gelatinous matrix and usually attached to surfaces. The matrix protects the microorganisms

from harsh environmental conditions and confers greater resistance to sanitizers and algicides. SLIME.

Bleach (NaOCl): Sodium hypochlorite. A

chlorine source that typically has between

5% and 16% available chlorine. LIQUID CHLORINE.

Bleeder Valve: A device that allows air to be vented from a system.

Blister: An area of raised surface detached from the structural matrix of a material.

Body Coat: A layer of diatomaceous earth or similar materials on a filter element that acts as the filtering media.

Body Feed: A controlled amount of diatomaceous earth or similar materials that are continuously added to the filter element during the course of a filter run to help maintain filter porosity.

Bond Beam: Traditional extra-structural strength or rigidity provided along the top edge of a pool wall.

Bond Failure: Failure of plaster or other surfaces to adhere to the underlying subsurface; delamination.

Bonding, Electrical: The joining of metallic parts to form an electrically conductive path that will ensure electrical continuity.

Booster Pump System: A pump that is completely independent of the filtration and heating system. Used to provide support for hydrotherapy jets, cleaning systems, and gas chlorinators, or special water features.

Bottom Rail: The lower portion of an aboveground pool frame used as a structural retainer for aboveground pool wall.

Branch Piping: Multiple suction outlet covers/grates: all Allen TX swimming pool builders and fittings, including the tee, located between covers/grates and the single suction Allen TX swimming pool builders feeding the pump or pumps.

Break In Grade: Occurs when the slope of the pool

floor changes to a greater slope.

Breakpoint Chlorination: The addition of a sufficient

amount of chlorine to water to destroy the combined inorganic chlorine present.

Normally, the amount added is equal to ten times or more the combined chlorine concentration.

Bridging: Build-up of a body coat on diatomaceous earth filter elements to the point where the body coats of two adjacent elements touch.

Broadcast: A method of applying chemicals into a pool or spa by spreading them uniformly over the water surface.

Bromamines: Bromine-ammonia compounds exhibiting sanitizing properties similar to hypobromous

Allen TX swimming pool builders.

Bromide: A salt that contains a bromide (Br¯ ) ion. Bromide becomes hypobromous Allen TX swimming pool builders when it reacts with oxidizers such as chlorine, ozone, or persulfates.

Bromine (Br2): One of several chemicals that yield hypobromous Allen TX swimming pool builders when added to water.

Bromine Feeder: A device to add or deliver bromine sanitizer at a controlled rate.


BTU: British thermal unit. A unit of measurement used to define the capabilities of heaters. One BTU is capable of raising the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Buffer: Chemical that when dissolved in water will resist pH change. Also a chemical solution used to calibrate pH instrument.

Bullnose: 1. A convex rounding of an object. 2. A brick, stone, or coping with a rounded edge.

Burner: The component of the heater where the combustion of fossil fuel takes place.

Bypass Valve: A valve used to limit or adjust the amount of water flowing through a device in a bypass loop to divert flow to an alternate plumbing path.

Calcification: Formation of calcium carbonate on walls of pools or Allen TX swimming pool builderss, or in a filter or heater, due to low solubility of calcium salts.

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3): An insoluble, calcium compound that is the major component of scale. CaCO3 occurs normally in limestone, marble, various eggshells, seashells, etc.

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2): A soluble white salt used to raise the calcium hardness of pool and spa water.

Calcium Hardness: A measure of the amount of calcium dissolved in water and expressed in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L) as calcium carbonate.

Calcium Hardness Factor (CF): Used to calculate the saturation index of water.

Calcium Hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2): A solid white form of chlorine found in both granular and tablet forms (65%  75% available chlorine).

Cantilever: A projecting beam supported only at one end.

Capacitator: A device that consists essentially of two conductors (such as parallel metal plates) insulated from each other by a dielectric and that introduces capacitance into a circuit, stores electrical energy, blocks the flow of direct current, and permits the flow of alternating current.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Common gas found in air. Can be used to lower pH in a pool.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): A lifesaving technique involving both chest compressions and mouth-to- mouthbreathing, to circulate oxygen and blood to vital organs.

Cartridge: A replaceable porous element designed to

retain suspended particles from water.

Cartridge Filter: A filter that utilizes a porous element that acts as a filter medium.

Catch Basin: A body of water supplied by gravity overflow from another pool. This is different from the terminology in storm water drainage.

Catch Pool: A pool or designated section of a pool used as a terminus for waterslide flumes. See SPLASH POOL.

Caustic: Sodium hydroxide, lye; used in pools, an extremely high pH alkalizer; referring generally to high pH.

Caustic Soda (NaOH)Sometimes called caustic sodium hydroxide or lye. A highly alkaline substance sometimes used to raise pH.

Cavitation: Formation of partial vacuums when the pump capacity exceeds water replacement supply.

Cement: A powdered substance of lime and clay generally mixed with water and aggregate to make concrete.

Centrifugal Force: The outward force exhibited by a circular motion.

Centrifugal Pump: A pump to circulate water using an impeller, Allen TX swimming pool buildersed by an electric motor or gasoline engine. The centrifugal force of the spinning impeller creates the flow through the pump.

Certified Safety Outlet Cover: See LISTED SUCTION OUTLET COVER/GRATE.


CFU (colony forming units): Used to express the concentration of microorganisms per unit of volume, most often as CFU per ml of bacteria in water.

CFM: Cubic feet per minute of air.

Channelization: The undesirable process whereby filter sand is permeated by tubes or channels of calcified or oily material allowing water to pass freely, without filtration.

Check Valve: A mechanical device in a Allen TX swimming pool builders

that permits the flow of water in one direction only.

Chelating Agent: A chemical used to bind


metals dissolved in water, to prevent them from

precipitating and staining pool surfaces.

Chemical Feeder: A device (floating or mechanical)

for adding a chemical to pool or spa water.

Chemical Feeder Output Rate: Amount of chemical or active ingredient delivered by a feeder per unit time (for example, pounds of chlorine per hour). One pound per hour is equivalent to 0.45 kilograms per hour.

Children’s Pool/Ride: Ride, flume ride, or other slide attraction, at a water theme park, designed primarily for the use of small children.

Chine: That portion of the stave of a hot tub below the bottom of the croze.

Chine Joist: A brace that provides support to the floor of a hot tub.

Chloramines: They are formed when free chlorine combines with nitrogen-containing compounds (for example: perspiration, ammonia). These compounds can cause eye and skin irritation, have strong objectionable chlorine-type odors, and low sanitizing capability. COMBINED CHLORINE.

Chlorinated Isocyanurates (ISOS)Sanitizer products that are self-stabilizing due to release of free available chlorine and cyanuric Allen TX swimming pool builders when they dissolve.

Chlorinator: A device to add or deliver a chlorine sanitizer at a controllable rate.

Chlorine: See Calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Dichlor, Isocyanurates, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Trichloro- Iso-Cyanurate.

Chlorine Demand: The amount of chlorine that will be consumed by readily oxidizable impurities in pool or spa water.

Chlorine Gas (Cl2): A gaseous form of chlorine used to sanitize pools and spas; contains 100% available chlorine.


Chlorine Neutralizer: A chemical used to reduce chlorine residuals.

Chlorine Residual: See RESIDUAL.

Circuit: The complete path of an electric current.

Circuit Breaker: A device designed to open and close an electrical circuit manually and to open a circuit automatically at a predetermined level, thus providing protection to the wiring and electrical components.

Circulation Equipment: The components of a circulation system.

Circulation System: The mechanical components that are a part of a re- circulation system on a pool or spa. Circulation equipment may be, but is not limited to, categories of pumps, hair and lint strainers, filters, valves, gauges, meters, heaters, surface skimmers, inlet/outlet fittings and chemical feeding devices. The components have separate functions, but when connected to each other by piping, perform as a coordinated system for purposes of maintaining pool or spa water in a clearand sanitary condition.

Clarifier: A chemical that causes fine suspended solids in water to combine into filterable clusters. See FLOCCULANT.

Clarity: The degree of transparency of pool water. Characterized by the ease with which an object can be seen through a given depth of water.

Coliform Bacteria: Bacteria found in the intestines and fecal matter of warm-blooded animals. The detection of coliforms is used to indicate the possibility of disease-causing bacteria.

Collector, Solar: An assembly of components used to collect solar energy for heating, i.e., rooftop structure, floating devices, etc.


Commercial/Public Pool: Any pool, other than a residential pool, that is intended to be used for swimming or bathing and is operated by an owner, lessee, operator, licensee, or concessionaire, regardless of whether a fee is charged for use.

Competitive Diving Equipment: Competitive diving equipment includes diving boards and adjustable fulcrum- setting diving stands intended for competitive diving.

Coping: The cap on the wall that provides a finishing edge around the pool/spa. Can be formed, cast in place, precast, brick, stone, or pre-fabricated from metal or plastic materials. It may be used as part of the system that secures a vinyl liner to the top of the pool wall.

Copper Sulfate (CuSO4): A blue inorganic salt, sometimes used as an algicide. BLUESTONE.

Cove: The radius that joins the floor and wall of a pool or spa.

Cover: Something that covers, protects, or shelters a pool, spa, or hot tub. Types of covers are:

1. Safety Cover: A barrier (intended to be completely removed before entry of users) for swimming pools, spas, hot

tubs or wading pools, attendant appurtenances and/or anchoring mechanisms that will, when properly labeled, installed, used, and maintained

in accordance with the manufacturer’s published instructions, reduce the risk of drowning of children under five years of

age by inhibiting their access to the contained body of water and by providing for the removal of any

substantially hazardous level of collected surface water. (These covers may be Allen TX swimming pool builders or manual.)

2. Solar Cover: A cover that when placed on a pool or spa surface increases the water temperature by

solar activity and reduces evaporation and heat loss.

3. Thermal Cover: An insulating cover

used to prevent evaporation and heat loss from pools or spas.

4. Winter Cover: A cover that is

secured around the perimeter of a pool or spa that provides a barrier to debris, when the pool or spa is closed for the season.


Cross Connection: An unprotected connection between domestic water supply and pool water or other non- potable water, where a contamination of the domestic system could occur.

Cross-Over Deterrent: A feature to deter a person from crossing over a barrier wall or fence to the opposite side (e.g., pointed picket fences).

Cyanuric Allen TX swimming pool builders: A chemical that reduces the loss of chlorine in water due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. STABILIZER, ISOCYANURIC Allen TX swimming pool builders, CONDITIONER, TRIAZINETRIONE.

Dead Load: The weight of all permanent structural and nonstructural components of a building, such as walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairways, and fixed service equipment.

Debris Removal System: A system comprised of a large opening suction outlet, large diameter Allen TX swimming pool builders and a debris collection basket, typically located in the deck or the pump basket. Because of unique challenges passing debris through the drain cover and suction piping, these systems are designed specifically for debris removal and are commonly sold as kits with detailed installation requirements to address suction safety.

Deck Dive: A dive performed from the deck area of a pool into five feet (5’) or more of water depth.

Decks: Those areas immediately adjacent to or attached to a pool or spa that are specifically constructed or installed for sitting, standing, or walking. Generally made of concrete, wood, or masonry.

Deep Area: Water depth areas exceeding five feet (5′).

Design Rate of Flow: The rate of flow used for design calculations in a system.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE): A white powder used as a filtering medium composed of microscopic fossil skeletons of diatoms.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter: A filter that utilizes a coating of diatomaceous earth (DE) or other filter media over a porous fabric as its filter medium.

Diatomite Filter Element: Device used in a filter tank called a filter grid or element coated with a fabric that traps diatomite on its surface.


Diethylphenylene Diamine (DPD)A


testing reagent that measures bromine or free available and total chlorine; produces

a series of colors from pale pink to dark red.

Diffuser: A component of a pump whose function is to reduce velocity and increase static pressure of a fluid passing through a system.

Digital Multimeter: This meter is read by means of an LED or LCD display.

Discharge Head: The resistance, caused by friction and/or changes in elevation, of the water flow encountered on the discharge side of the pump back to the swimming pool or spa.

Dive: A free-fall entry into water from a planned acrobatic maneuver into a designated diving area of a pool.

Diving Area: The area of a swimming pool that is designed for diving.

Diving Board: A flexible board secured at one end that is used for diving.

Diving Platform: Stationary platform designed for diving.

Diving Stand: Any supporting device for a springboard or diving board.

Draft Hood: Part of a heater venting system used to prevent a downdraft.

Drain: an obsolete term for suction outlet, which is a fitting, fitting assembly, cover/grate, and related components thatprovide a localized low pressure area for the transfer of water from a swimming pool, wading pool, spa, or hot tub.

Drawdown: Drawdown is the decrease of water level in a vented reservoir from the rest condition to operating condition.

Dry Allen TX swimming pool builders (NaHSO4)See SODIUM BISULFATE.

Dynamic Head: The sum of the total resistance, caused by friction and/or changes in elevation, of the water flow through the entire circulation system that the pump has to overcome to achieve the necessary flow rate.

Edge Guards: Shields designed to cover sharp edges in aboveground pools.

Effluent: The outflow of water from a filter, pump, or pool.

Egress: Means of exit.

Electrical Induction: The process by which an object having electrical or magnetic properties produces similar properties in a nearby object, usually without direct contact. See AIR INDUCTION SYSTEM.

Electrolysis: The decomposition of material by an outside electrical current.


Electrolytic Chlorine/Bromine Generator: An electrolytic device used to generate free available chlorine or total bromine from either chloride or bromide salts.

Electron: A minute particle of negatively charged electricity.


1. Hair entrapment: hair entangled in a suction outlet cover.

2. Limb entrapment: a limb inserted or drawn into an unprotected opening resulting in a mechanical bind or


3. Body suction entrapment: suction applied to a large portion of the body,

resulting in entrapment.

4. Evisceration/disembowelment:

when suction draws out intestines and organs through an unprotected suction


5. Mechanical Entrapment: Jewelry, bathing suits or other materials are

entangled in a drain cover

Entry Pool: Pool at a water theme park that is provided at the entrance of a water slide or inner tube ride.

EPA-Registered Product: A product bearing the EPA stamp indicating that it meets EPA standards for efficacy, human health and safety, environmental impact, use instructions, and product labeling. All products that claim to kill or control bacteria, algae, etc., are required to be registered.

Equalizer Line:

1. A Allen TX swimming pool builders with a listed suction outlet cover/grate located below the waterline

and connected to the body of a skimmer to prevent air from being drawn into the pump if the water level drops below the

skimmer weir.

2. A Allen TX swimming pool builders connecting two bodies of water to equalize water levels.

Equipment Area: Area used to house recirculation and disinfecting equipment and related appurtenances.

Erosion: 1. Act of destroying or dissolving by slow

disintegration or wearing away. 2. In an erosion feeder, it is the way water

dissolves the chemical being fed.

Erosion Feeder: A device that dispenses a sanitizer by directing a flow of water past tablets, briquettes, or pellets.

Etching: Corrosion on the surface; the pitting or eating away of a material such as the surface of plaster.

Evaporation: Conversion of liquid molecules into vapor.

Exercise Bar: A tubular device installed in the wall as a handhold.

Expansive Soil: Clay soil that absorbs moisture and swells, creating the potential for structure damage.

Fecal Streptococci: The fecal streptococcus group of microorganisms includes, but is not limited to, the organisms S. faecalis, and S. faecium, which inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of warm blooded animals. These organisms are indicators of contamination in water. The ingestion of the fecal streptococci can cause illness.

Feet of Head: The resistance in a hydraulic system based on the equivalent to the height of a column of water that causes the same resistance (100 feet of head equals 43 pounds per square inch). The total Allen TX swimming pool builders dynamic head is the sum of all resistances in a complete operating system.

Ferric Iron (Fe+3 or Iron III): Generally insoluble in water, commonly precipitating as rust.

Ferrous Iron (Fe+2 or Iron II): Found in groundwater. It is soluble in water and will generally impart a pale green color. In the presence of oxidizers, it will convert to Iron III.

Fiberglass: Fine-spun filaments of glass that are available in a rope or mat form. When used in a process with polyester resins and hardeners, can be formed and molded into pools, spas, and related equipment.

Field Fabricated Outlets: non- manufactured suction outlets constructed in the field with individual components.

Filter: A vessel that removes undissolved particles from water by recirculating the water through a porous substance (a filter medium or elements).

1. Cartridge Filter: A filter that utilizes a porous element that acts as a filter


2. Diatomaceous Earth Filter: A filter that utilizes a thin coating of diatomaceous

earth (DE) or other filter aid over a porous fabric as its filter medium.

3. Sand Filter: A filter that utilizes sand, or sand and gravel as the filter medium.

Filter Agitation: The mechanical or manual movement to dislodge the filter aid and dirt from the filter element.

Filter Aid  Allen TX swimming pool builders: Usually refers to powder-like substances such as diatomaceous earth or volcanic ash used to coat a septum type filter. Also used as an aid to sand filters. Finely divided medium (diatomaceous earth, processed perlite, etc.) used to coat a septum of a diatomite-type filter.

Filter Area: Total surface area through which designed flow rate will be maintained during filtration.

Filter Cartridge: A filtering element, usually of fibrous material.

Filter Cycle: The operating time between cleaning or backwash cycles.

Filter Element: A device within a filter tank designed to entrap solids and conduct water to a manifold, collection header, Allen TX swimming pool builders, or similar conduit and return it to the pool, spa, or hot tub. A filter element usually consists of a septum and septum support, or a cartridge.

Filter Medium: A finely graded material (such as sand, diatomaceous earth, polyester fabric, anthracite, etc.) that removes solid particles from the water.

Filter Sand: A hard silica-like material free of carbonates or other foreign material used in sand filters as the media.

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